they call it the ghost month

In the Philippines, many businesses and industries follow a Chinese superstition regarding starting projects on August, which they call the "ghost month." I'm too lazy and filled with so much deep and personal writing from last night to actually try and discover the exact origin of the "ghost month." All I can remember is that…Read more they call it the ghost month

far from over

Last night, Janet Napoles has surrendered to the president a day (or few days) after he placed a ten million peso bounty on her head. Janet Lim Napoles is the woman who was tagged as a major benefactor in the pork barrel scam and the person who created fake NGOs in order to receive large…Read more far from over

and a million people marched

I don't know what I was expecting. I guess I was hoping it would feel like EDSA 2; when we all banded together at EDSA and, hand-in-hand, voiced our distaste and displeasure of then-president Estrada. We toppled that administration, only to usher in another corrupt demon; this one was more canny, though. This one was…Read more and a million people marched

son of Negros

As Sonata approaches its nationwide release at the FDCP Sineng Pambansa, and the reactions that people have of the trailer and our friend's and family's reaction to the special advanced screening, I'm getting such a strong response about how the filmmakers managed to capture the feeling and the milieu of life in the province.As much…Read more son of Negros

how do you know when you’ve grown up?

when you hear applause rather than bird songs, when the flashing neon lights blind you more than the shaft of sunlight breaking through the leaves, when a touch fires up the synapses, and the heat rises from the gut to the eye ball, when before, it was just skin connecting with skin. when you trade…Read more how do you know when you’ve grown up?