So I Think I Can Dance

I finally did it. I took a dance class.

before you dance -- don't forget to stretch

before you dance — don’t forget to stretch

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures because, well, I was dancing and couldn’t take any. It was a spontaneous decision, really. It was a Friday afternoon and Raymond, my editor at YoungStar told all the contributors what he had planned for the next issue of YoungStar and he wanted to do a whole themed issue on obsessions.

I immediately started to think what I was obsessed about and the only thing that could enter my head was dancing. But there was no way I would do an article on my obsession with dance if I didn’t take a dance class, so all of Friday night, I was on the Internet and on the phone looking for a dance class to take. I was looking at jazz or contemporary but ended only finding a hip-hop class that was available.

So without any thought whatsoever, I went to I-Dance Studios in Panay Avenue in Quezon City and took a hip-hop class with a yoga instructor who was my age but looked all of twenty-one and eight or so tweens, which made me feel uncomfortable and really old. Our teachers were JR, Mark, and Mike of The Manoeuvers and they were awesome. We first did a ten-minute warm up which left me winded but I kept on and then we learn  the four steps in grooving to the music. They made us repeat several times and then tried out combos.

I was pooped. I almost gave up and stepped out to catch my breath. I waited a bit while breathing heavily before I jumped back in and joined the class to finish the dance. I was perspiring all over and tired beyond hell but I felt good. I felt really good, and while I’m not the best suited for hip-hop dancing because my back is too straight and I dance too high up on my posture, I still enjoyed myself anyway.

That’s the thing about So You Think You Can Dance. Having watched so many episodes and really studying it has gotten me to this point and realising that maybe hip-hop is not my style because I don’t have the attitude which makes hip-hop work. I think I need a jazz class or a contemporary class — something that forces me to work with lines and emotions and a story. I think that is more my style.

I was out of commission for two days, walking with aches and pains but I was loving every minute of it. I’m now marshalling my finances (it is an expensive month right now) but I will start going to jazz class and then to contemporary and find which one suits me best and I’ll do it. I’m so sure to be doing it. I can’t wait.

My article came out last Friday in YoungStar and here is the online version: So I Think I Can Dance.

I’m ready. I’m doing this. I love dance so much that I’m doing this,

I-Dance Studios is located at the Penthouse, Future Point Plaza 3 Condominium, 111 Panay Avenue, Quezon City. Call (+63 2) 961-3696 or check out for more details. Classes currently offered are hip-hop, zumba, ballroom, salsa, and yoga.

2 thoughts on “So I Think I Can Dance

  1. hi good day!
    i would like to ask some info regarding to your salsa class if when is the available day and time… i would to learn salsa dance i hope u can help me and also i would like to ask for the payment if how much per session. thanks and god bless!!

    awaiting for ur response.

    • Hi Geiselle,

      Please call the number at the bottom of the blog for i-Dance Studios. I haven’t been there since I wrote this blog post so I don’t know if they still are there. You can check it out and call them and click the link to their website that’s also on the blog.


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