Everything Rises and Falls

As gravity’s hand cling

to our bodies and pull us down,

we straighten our backs and push upwards;

just as the rain falls

and the lightning crashes,

the flowers and the trees

push upwards everyday

unbowed and unbroken.


Even stars streak downwards,

cutting a bright light across the night sky


Not even the celestial bodies

are exempt from this falling motion.


Tears and blood flow downwards

as does perspiration and the cold;

while our breath, our hopes and dreams

float skyward.

Our voices are carried by the wind

like a kite kept near only by a string.


Up and down,

rise and fall,

it is the nature of this existence.

Bobbing up and down

in a sea of moments

every once in a while sinking into the depths

and, in instance, bask

in the glorious warmth of the sun

surrounded by the crystalline spray

of the waters of living.



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