I Can’t Breathe in Space

The darkness does not unnerve me

Neither do the brilliant flashes of light

I’m not unaccustomed to weightlessness

The zero-gravity is actually welcomed

This lonely feeling of flight


The cold and the silence

It is the default setting, isn’t it?


What bothers me

Is this tiny, almost transparent tube

Attached to my face

Pumping oxygen so weakly

That I’m always drawing heavy breaths


That is my only comfort in this vacuum


Everything else is manageable

The only thing I fear is

I can’t breathe in space


Oh look! There’s Haley’s comet

And there’s the birth of a star

and I am getting tangled up in Orion’s Belt

And these wonders are quite the sight to see


But I can’t go near

I’m holding on to this tube

It is my only life line out here


I can’t breathe in space


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