The Keepers by Santigold

I just got into Santigold recently. I’ve been listening to The Riot’s Gone a whole lot since late of last year but it is only now that I’ve gotten the whole album and it’s pretty trippy. I love The Keepers and This isn’t our Parade. Great songs.

I love the steady drum loops, the rhythms, and the confident vocals which was evident since she was still Santogold and singing those fantastic songs like Lights Out and I’m a Lady. I love this video too; it’s so weird and unconventional and there is no real intention to tell a coherent story but it leaves so many images that it is quite clear what she’s trying to say even if we just get inflections of it. I love it.

It’s nice to hear good pop songs these days. I’ve been listening to a lot of 90s music recently and find that I can’t keep listening to music created now for far too long. After I’ve heard it enough times I don’t go back to them. I think Santigold will be different, I don’t know why.

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