a very quick year

It’s the halfway point already? When did that happen?

Last year moved by quickly as well but I felt every second tick and pass. I lived through every moment and felt the time move. It moved quickly but I felt the time pass in every little increment. I was awake and conscious throughout all of last year.

This one just whizzed by. I look back and see all the changes but I’m still surprised that it is almost over. We’ve reached the halfway point of the year and where did it all go? I tell my friends that and they all feel the same. I check my Twitter feed and a lot of people say the same thing — this year is going in a blink of an eye. Another blink and it will be over.

So I tweeted:

Twitter: @wanggo_g

Twitter: @wanggo_g

Little moments of reflection like this makes me turn inwards. Make things happen. It’s a quick year and it will be over; sooner than you think.

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