Stay Safe, Philippines!

I got a Viber message yesterday that really excited me. Apparently, my advocacy work has gotten noticed and there might be a chance for me to do more talks, but this time, government sponsored. It’s quite exciting. If I work with/for the government with regards to my advocacy, all I can think about it a chance that it might lead to an easier time for me to get a visa. It will help legitimise me. I’ve worked with the DOH before but this is different.

I needed to make a curriculum vitae that shows off my HIV advocacy work and I never made any sort of list of my appearances and talks. I just did them. I never thought I would have to write it down or something or that I would need it eventually.

I started scouring the net, especially YouTube, to find the amount of work that has been written or recorded about my HIV work.

While I was doing that, I found this little web campaign video I was a part of. It is the first (and I think the only) video that they come up with to start raising awareness and change behaviour. I am with some heavyweights in rock and roll and media on the video. I was surprised to see it again. This came out in 2010. I’m still kind of proud of it.

Stay safe, Philippines!

One thought on “Stay Safe, Philippines!

  1. As a pozzie, I can say that DOH and UNAIDS are doing a great job with supporting our medical needs. But I still feel that they lack force on spreading awareness about the severity of the situation here in the country. Just saying.

    Wanggo, thank you for being our voice.

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