a refusal for stagnation

Change has come and in a big way. I’m on my last few weeks with one of my jobs that is currently holding my time down every other day. I like the work and I like the people I’m working with, but I need more freedom and more time and the job has started to get more demanding and they haven’t raised my salary, so it’s time to go.

The decision itself was quite scary. By leaving, that meant I will no longer have a regular source of income. I’ll have to make do with whatever I make from all the work that I can find for myself. Some call it freelance; some can call it scavenging. I don’t know. It can be very scary.

But the universe always takes care of me, one way or another. I finished a pretty big project that will keep me afloat for awhile and then, out of the blue, something appeared on the horizon. Totally unexpected, but an occasional gig that pays well. My instincts were right. It was time to go and something else was on its way.

I really learn how to trust my gut more; how to fall back into my instincts. When it comes to work, I can always land a job. I’ve worked hard and built enough networks to make it happen. And I’m not lazy. Thank God, I’m not lazy.

The constantly shifting landscapes of my life is something I’ve gotten used to and actually look for. It can never be routine or normal or unchanging. I have to keep moving. I have to constantly be on my toes and constantly reinventing myself because that’s how I determine that I don’t get caught up in the inertia of it all.

Change or die. I refuse to be stagnant.


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