What Happens During HIV Testing — Love Yourself

I saw this on my Facebook feed today. It is a great video by the group Love Yourself and they made this awesome video on what happens during HIV testing. It is tender, informative, and pretty clear. I’ve been very privileged to have been in a couple of forums with the men and women of Love Yourself and they have always been so steadfast, dedicated, and determined to get the message across and to help prevent the spread of HIV in the country.

It’s a pretty good video, very informative, and can I just say? The two actors/models are really, really very cute. Just sayin’.

But, seriously, the amazing volunteers of Love Yourself are doing an amazing job in getting the information out there in ways that are really compelling and engaging. They don’t pussy-foot around and they know their target and how to reach them. They are also really nice to talk to and work with and I hope to run into them some more and work together in the future.

We really have to remove this fear and this stigma about being afraid to take the test. It’s really problematic because people don’t seem to realise the gravity of the situation and the numbers are increasing. I’ve said that so many times it is starting to sound corny and lame. “The numbers are increasing.” It sounds, rehearsed; but it is true. And we need to get people to be more careful and to take better care of themselves.

I hope videos like this can help push for a change in perceptions and to change people’s views about HIV; so that people can take it seriously. Because people are living with it, more and more each day, and it will blow up into our faces in such a horrible degree that we won’t be able to handle the fall out.

There’s still a lot to do. We’ve only really just begun.


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