and the rains have come

June is here at full blast. This is rain season in the Philippines. Out of my condominium window, I can barely see outside. Zero visibility. The rains are pouring and I’m feeling nostalgic and sentimental. I’m not usually nostalgic and sentimental. That’s not a mood I easily slip into. But the rains have come and it is beating the city into submission and it is reminding me that things change.

I wish I could be reading a book right now. I have a couple I haven’t opened and the last book I read, Under the Ivy, a biography of Kate Bush, I had finished some time ago. I haven’t been taking too much work lately to give myself a chance to breathe. This would be a great time to snuggle under the sheets and just read a book.

But I have things to write and I have someplace to be by the end of the year and I have to go there and I won’t be able to travel if I don’t work for it.

But the rains have come… The rains have come…

Welcome June. We’ve been anxiously waiting for you. The summer has not been particularly kind. May the rains bring with it a cleansing and force us to take better precautions as we go on through our day-to-day.

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