The Silence is Fragile

The silence is fragile


in this space between us;

easily broken by the sudden rush

of the words,

like bullets, like an avalanche, like a meteor storm,

and drowning out the nothingness

with sentiments and the little sparks

that we hope would ignite

the tinder and kindling in our hearts.



is such a precarious place

to leave the moments that we hold dear.

One step in the wrong direction

and it will fall;

and I’m not sure if they have the wings

strong enough for flight.


How did we get to this point

in our love story?

When did the silence creep in?

Where did all the words go?

Why do words have wings

and our moments don’t?

They are heavy with promises

and cannot achieve lift.

They are here

and we are still on the move.

They will be left behind.


The silence is fragile

but it has an intensity that can break us.

I am frightened of leaving things behind.

I am frightened of the oblivion that consumes.

I am frightened.

I am frightened here.

I am frightened of nothingness.


It seems safer

to approach the precipice,

take our heavy moments

and shove them off the cliff’s edge

into the darkness

and the void

so that I may leave here

without need to look back.


Because the silence is fragile

and I dare not risk it breaking

with just more words.


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