After Hours: The HIV webshow Ep01 (AIDS Society of the Philippines)

I was invited by the AIDS Society of the Philippines (ASP) to be a guest for their first ever webshow, After Hours. I was sort of excited because it was another venue for us to go and spread information and to raise awareness over the HIV situation in the country; but at the same time, I was nervous because, well, the Internet is a very scary place. I didn’t know how this was going to go but I thought any venue or platform will be helpful for the cause. 

Of course, like all new projects, there were quite a bit of birthing pains. The Internet just went offline five minutes before the show was to start and after we had several test runs, so we weren’t able to stream live as we had planned and so we recorded it and just uploaded it instead.

This was the first time for a lot of us. We were supposed to talk for less than an hour but we had reached about an hour and twenty minutes and the video was not edited so it is a straight-on conversation. It can be quite a listen, if you have the time, but hopefully, you can come out with something after.

Here it is, the first After Hours webshow of the ASP. The topic: My best friend has HIV, what should I do?

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