The Lean Season (of TV)

That’s what this is, really. It’s the lean season. It’s the interim between the full-on, twenty to twenty-three episode shows to the summer programs that are scaled down to ten or twelve episodes at the most. I have one week to go before Game of Thrones is gone for another year and it feels like it just started, which is probably a good thing because I felt that Season 2 of Game of Thrones felt like it was going on forever before it got good and exciting again. The Vampire Diaries and The Good Wife has ended and I’m waiting for the fall for its return and MTV’s Awkward is almost up as well. What am I going to watch? Somebody handed me the first season of House of Cards, which I’m hoping will be good; and now that The Killing is back, I might go and get to start Season 2 just to catch up. I really did enjoy the first season so this should be interesting.

But while I’m waiting for everything else to come up, this is what I’m excited for this summer on television:

God, I hope it is as good as the first season, because I really loved that show.

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