gearing up for some me time

It has been a very, very busy past few weeks. Moving out, finishing a challenging script, and some serious changes have been getting in the way of my state of mind. I need to regroup my energies because they have been firing away all over the place.

I think the absence of any new poetry drafts prove that I am not in the state to release deep-seated feelings or get any of my emotions out. I’ve just been too tired lately.

So I won’t be accepting any new jobs in the next few days. I want to finish all my current commitments so I can go and see friends, sleep in the whole day, go back to a yoga class or go back to wall-climbing and do the things that will make me feel like a person again. I can go and write poetry drafts again and, maybe, start refining some of the old ones and making them better.

Maybe I’ll get a haircut. I’ll go visit my grandparents. I’ll fix my room. I’ll go to the mall and just walk around and look at the things I cannot buy.

Something. Anything that doesn’t involve work.

I’ll just finish two more talks that are slated for next week and finish this script and I’m going to take a breather. I need to relax. I need some “me time.” If I have money, maybe I’ll take a little trip. Get on a bus and go somewhere. Somewhere nice. Somewhere close to a beach. Even if it is just for a day or two. Just get out. I need to relax. I need to be me again, without the overbearing deadlines and the stress and the tension.

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