and then everything changed…

So, in the span of three days, my deadline for a script I’m doing arrived simultaneously as I was in the middle of moving out. It was a crazy affair and I almost lost it. Trying to finish the script that I couldn’t get started on, and feeling a lot of anxiety over the move, I just totally disconnected and felt completely lost in space

It worked out, in the end, I got to submit my script (one day behind schedule) and was able to facilitate our move and it was sort of stressful because I’m really, really horrible when it comes to that. I can organise my workflow and structure a whole narrative story but, for the life of me, I’m totally useless when it comes to getting things together, packing them up and putting them away for easy lifting to the moving van.

At the same time, I had to disconnect various utilities that were no longer needed and gather up all the things that belonged to the other house and hope to the high heavens that they don’t get brought along to the new place.

I submitted the script and while it is not without revisions, it was met with enthusiastic replies. It will certainly work and it has given us a lot of insights into how to proceed further. I close the other condominium and, as of today, have been able to return the keys to the unit owner and took stock of what was damaged and what needs to be repaired. So far, so good.

Oh, except we took home one of the comforters that wasn’t ours. Oops… I’ll have to find time to return that on a later date.

I just sort of died for one day. I pretty much just collapsed into my new bed and began to unwind. I treated myself to a massage and it was just what I needed to try and get myself back to a neutral point. I can build myself up from there after. Where I was, was not a good place and I swear, I would have not been able to handle it well. I was on the negative for sure.

But I was able to get twelve hours of sleep and was back in the game. I am getting settled in and everything has changed. It may be just a change of environment but everything feels different.

I am hoping it will be good for me. I’m crossing my fingers and I’m hoping that I will be surrounded by positive energy and be more productive here than I was last year. And that’s saying a lot.

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