a fellow blogger just awarded me with a Liebster Award!

This was totally unexpected. Apparently, there is the Liebster award and it is an award given to a blogger by another blogger. Usually, this is for bloggers with less than 200 followers. Liebster is the German word for ‘beloved’ or ‘darling’ and my award was given to me by The Runaway Dilettante. (Thanks so much!!!) It comes with a gif:


And, so, apparently, there are rules to this which I will copy and paste from The Runaway Dilettante.

Of course, The Liebster Award is more of a metaphorical award, and as one blogger poignantly explained: “The real “gist” of the Liebster Award is that there is no real award. There are no judges, no special rules. No website with an official team to congratulate you and hold your hand. It’s mostly what you want it to be. If you receive the award, you can 1) accept it and 2) pass it along. It’s that easy.”

And I am excited to take a part in the process and pass it along to eleven other new bloggers (as the customary guidelines state). Here are the rules for nomination:

Post eleven facts about yourself.

Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create eleven questions for people you’ve nominated.

Choose eleven people (with fewer than 200 followers) to give this award to and link them in your post.

Go to their page and tell them.

Remember, no tag backs.

I don’t know what a tag back means. Is it possible to break the rules if I don’t even know how to do it?

Anyway, I’m going to at least answer the eleven questions that was asked of me and put eleven facts about myself. With regards to nominate another blog, I’m not sure. I don’t read that many and the ones that I do have more than two hundred followers, for sure. I’m guessing. I’m not in the best position to nominate other bloggers.

But I’m not a killjoy. So, I’ll do my part since I am accepting the award anyway, because I don’t know what to write here.

So here goes nothing:

Eleven Things About Me:

1) I didn’t read start reading books until I was fourteen. I was a late bloomer. I have a family of readers and they were aghast when they found out I didn’t like to read. My sister even bought easy books for me, sat me down, and read to me like I was a four year old. I was twelve or thirteen at the time. The first book I ended up reading (that I remember) was Call of the Wild by Jack London and then I proceeded with Michael Crichton and Stephen King. When I got to university, I majored in Literature and ended up reading heavy, serious books and I would like to think I’ve caught up, if not in quantity, at least in quality.

2) I have never suffered from a hang-over in my whole life and I have an illustrious drinking career. I used to be allergic to alcohol but I kept drinking until I was no longer allergic and in my early twenties (all the way to my late twenties), I was a party-boy. I drank a lot and, though, I can count in one hand how many times I’ve passed out, no matter how wild that night had been, I can safely say I never woke up the next day suffering from a hang-over. Never.

3) It takes me forever to fall asleep, even if I’m really tired. The lights are off, I’m in bed, I’m hugging my pillow, my eyes are closed but my mind begins to race with 800 thoughts per second. It takes me anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours before I finally drift off to sleep.

4) I think the best dessert in the whole world is a banana split. I’ve eaten a lot of great and amazing desserts and I love chocolate but nothing compares to the magnificence of three scoops of ice cream and a banana. Nuts, cherry and chocolate syrup is optional. Even the pineapple bits. But a banana split can salvage any day for me.

5)  I don’t like drinking from straws. I haven’t consciously or actively drank from straws since college. I read somewhere that drinking from a straw promotes gas. So I never drank from straws.

6) I love chocolate mints. Chocolate with mint is proof there is a God. I can get orgasms from taking a bite of a chocolate mints (obviously a metaphor; don’t take it seriously).

7) I self-taught myself how to type. So I’m a super fast typist. I go over 56 words a minute which is the average speed but I use the wrong fingers. I don’t use my little fingers and my fingers float all over the keyboard. And I like typing fast because I like the clicking sounds the keyboard makes.

8) I force myself to like all kinds of food. If I try something that I don’t like, I take a mental note of it and will try it again after a few months. And I will continue trying it until I like it. I used to be an utterly picky eater. Now, I eat everything and will try everything once. Surprisingly, it didn’t take me long to learn to like ampalaya.

9) I started watching movies when I was four years old. My Dad would gather us kids, back in the day, and we’d all watch movies together. We would, back in the day, watch six or seven films all weekend in my parent’s room.

10) I don’t do competitive team sports because I’m very competitive. I turn into my Mr. Hyde. I have to win and I go crazy if I do anything that losses a point for my team. I trash talk like a filthy sailor and I become an irrational hot-head. I totally become this awful, disgusting thing. So I try to avoid team sports as much as possible because I don’t like letting Mr. Hyde out.

11) I love Japan. I love anything and everything Japanese. I want to be able to learn Japanese and live in Japan for, at least, 2 years. I think that would be so cool. And I think Human Tetris is the funniest thing in the world — ever. And though I’m no longer allowed to eat it, I still want to learn to prepare sushi and cook Japanese food.

Questions from Runaway Dilettante:

1) Why did you start your blog?

In 2010, I almost died from meningitis (complications due to HIV). I was ordered complete rest, to quit work, and my parents moved me back home with them so that I could recuperate. As I was getting better, I was also getting bored. I decided to start my blog just to help get the thoughts out of my head and put them somewhere. Eventually, it helped me process certain issues I had and, hopefully, change people’s perspective over people living with HIV; that we can live normal lives.

2) What has been your most favourite part about blogging so far?

I started putting up my poetry drafts and I have been getting really good responses from them from people all over the world — people I didn’t know existed or who don’t know me. It felt nice having written a poem and finding someone who connected to it for whatever reason, or bothered to even “like” it. It made me think that my passion for poetry isn’t such a lonely outlet after all.

3) Fruit or vegetables?

Uhm… both? I like both.

4) Your favourite television show?

I like a lot but I would have to say The Wire has become my favourite television show, by far.

5) What 2 things would you bring if you had to suddenly drop everything and leave for a year?

I guess my laptop (with charger and mouse, of course) and a book of Rumi’s poems. I need to write and Rumi goes with me everywhere I go.

6) Chocolate or Vanilla?


7) How do you like your eggs?

Scrambled is probably my favourite preparation for eggs; but I’m not particular.

8) What is your favourite hobby?

I don’t have a favourite. I do a lot of things that I like but never enough for it to be considered a hobby. Writing is my work; watching movies is part of my work (and my life); reading is not a hobby, it is an essential part of living, in my opinion; I love wall-climbing and yoga, but I don’t do it often enough to consider it a hobby; things like that. I am planning on taking dance classes very soon and hopefully, I can change my answer in the future to say dancing, but it remains to be seen whether I can actually find the time to get to a class.

9) Favourite colour?

It changes depending on my mood but I usually always just end up saying “green.”

10) If you could be in any movie (as a character, not an actor), which movie would it be?

It has always been my dream to be a zombie in a zombie film. But since you aren’t asking me whether what role I would like to play in a movie, but what movie would I like to be in, I would love to be in any film by Wes Anderson — Moonrise Kingdom, Royal Tenenbaums, Darjeeling Limited — because it is so frightfully poignant but understatedly funny. They are intelligent films and I think I would fit right in.

11) Smarties or M&Ms?

M&Ms, I guess, because I don’t know what Smarties are. And if you want to be specific, M&Ms rice crispy because they are just the bomb.

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