Love is Food


you follow the recipe

to its exact measurement

and it still comes out wrong;

and sometimes you just grab

whatever is in the refrigerator,

putting it all together

and it’s the best thing that has ever

set foot in your mouth.



it is overcooked or undercooked,

or it needs some spice, more heat,

or the flavours are too strong

and you need to water it down.



you prepare a romantic dinner for two,

with candlelight and wine,

and he brings a friend…

or sometimes three.



you cook for six hours in the kitchen

and never even get a bite.



you buy a dozen eggs

and they are all rotten;

perishable goods

way past their expiration dates

sit comfortably in the ‘fridge,

go unseen and stay longer

than they should.



it’s the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen

on a plate,

and yet it is the most amazing thing

you’ve ever tasted in your life.



it’s plated so well,

the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen,

you don’t want to take a bite,

or it looks better than it tastes.



it tastes better

when its cooked by someone else

while other times,

you will only touch

your mother’s recipe.



you have to take a picture

before you take a bite

and show it to the world

for all to see.



you only eat in the privacy

of your own home,

away from the eyes of the world.



you order for something

and realised it wasn’t what you wanted.


Love is not blind;

it is not a many-splendored thing;

it will not lift you up where you belong.

No, it is none of that.

It is food.


Love is food.


It is sustenance,

and without you, you will grow

thin and weak.


But man can live without food

for forty-days,

but he cannot live without water.


So, the question is:

what is water?


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