The Stars (Are Out Tonight) — David Bowie

Trust David Bowie to come out with a new album and make some of the best music coming out in a long while, and wow everyone with a kick-ass video to boot, and extending his musical legacy a whole decade further. The Stars (Are Out Tonight) is a single from the album The Next Day, and it’s a great song from the album and the video, starring Tilda Swinton, is fantastic.

How he keeps doing it is a mystery to me but he’s magnificent and I just absolutely adore him. His music, his style, his mind… oh my Gosling! His mind! I cannot. I just can’t!

I have loved Tilda Swinton since I first saw her in Orlando, so many years ago. Film after film, she’s been killing it and killing it and she’s just been proving how immensely talented she is without losing any of her quirkiness and her eccentricities. She’s just so real. I love her and she’s just a perfect foil for David Bowie. It’s a great mash-up of wonderful talents.

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