going to the beach

I’m leaving for the beach in a couple of days. I’m leaving on the weekend. It’s been so hot and I haven’t gone to the beach at all this year and I know it’s just summer now but back in the day, I would be in the beach as early as February. Back when I was working and I had the whole world at my knees.

back when I was beautiful (I think this was sometime in 2006)

back when I was beautiful (I think this was sometime in 2006)

Now it’s the second week of May before I got my act together and made it there. Yeah, I was at the beach last March with my friends but it was not a swimming beach; more of a diving beach so while I had a magnificent time, I always have a magnificent time with my friends, I didn’t get to really enjoy the beach too much.

There’s just something calming and soothing and energising about being in the sand and the surf and the salty sea air. I need it. Hell, I need it. Hopefully, I can get some nice pictures off of my camera and a few selfies as well. God knows I need a new profile picture! Ha Ha Ha

Hopefully, I can write some poems while I’m there and catch up on some writing, though I doubt it. I’ll be with family and it’s going to be a hell of a ruckus. I’ll probably not even bring my laptop. Too heavy and there’s really no point. I doubt I’ll be having a chance to open it at all.

All I know is that I will be returning to the sea very soon. Three days. Hopefully that’s all I need to set me back straight and get my head back in order.


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