Iron Man 3: Three Times the Fun

So, I was pretty lucky to get to watch a premiere showing of Iron Man 3. The ticket was given to for free and the guys at Juice gave it to me so I could make my review on time. I wasn’t going to say no to a free ticket. I blocked off my sched and went there.

Facing his Iron demons -- Iron Man 3 gets down and dirty

Facing his Iron demons — Iron Man 3 gets down and dirty

I had a lot of fun and I really enjoyed myself. You can read my review here: Iron Man 3: Three Times the Fun. It is more a comedy/adventure/sci-fi film than it is a comic book adventure film, in my opinion. The distinction is very evident and needs to be made. Yes, it has got great action and has some of the best special effects money can buy, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously and allows itself to have fun without sacrificing audience enjoyment.

I really enjoyed it. All the little details, you can see in my review on the link provided.

What drove me nuts was the company that was sponsoring the premiere. They wrote down that it was going to start at 6:30pm but apparently the movie was going to start at 8pm and that there was a program outside the theater at 6:30pm. I came to the theater at quarter to 8 and there was a line already beginning. I didn’t want to join the program. I just wanted to watch the film. When we get in, they were assigning seats to everyone and I got a seat near the back and alone, at the edge.

When I got in, three other people had that seat, so someone messed up. We sorted it out and I got to sit there and as the trailers started to show, they took off the sound so they can give off raffle prizes and play games. I saw the trailers for Thor: The Dark World, Now You See Me, and some other films but without sound. I was getting really, really annoyed.

And then I saw one of the organizers run to the host to tell him the movie was starting. I could see it, the countdown to start had begun on screen and the host insisted on giving out the last prize. The movie starts with a narration and the guy was still giving out the last prize. I was so annoyed and frustrated.

I wanted to kill them. Considering that, the movie quickly helped me change my mood. It was enjoyable, really enjoyable and the acting of everyone involved was stellar, except for Jon Favreau, who was unnecessary and really felt forced and imposed. Other than, this was Robert Downey Jr.’s territory and it was fun.

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