Old Habits

It is all part of the process.

Give a little and get a little in return.

Flash the pearly whites

and show them your tongue of gold.

And don’t forget to blink,

to scratch your head every once in a while,

and smile, never forget to smile;

remind them you are human.


Time lingers in the spaces between;

don’t lose your cool, you’ve been here before.

You know how it goes.

All the meanings get lost in the void

until they are found.

It takes a little bit of patience

and a little bit of hide and seek.

If the hook is tugged hard, it can rip

the flesh and loose its hold.


Let it sink in.

Secure the hook by easing up

and then pulling gently.

And when it’s deep in there,

pull with all your might.


It’s how you play the game.


You swore off it

after the nth time your heart got broke,

and someone stepped on your face,

but you find yourself here again.


You make every excuse as to why

you are playing again;

but let’s face it, a player plays.

Once you play the game,

you become part of the game.


These old habits

they die hard.


2 thoughts on “Old Habits

    • Thank you so much.

      This is really just a draft. I’m just throwing out the thought-blockage in my head and letting it out. I’ll let it sit awhile and then come back to it and fix it to make it more poetic. Right now, it just needs to get out there.

      Thank you for commenting. I really appreciate it.

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