Patti Smith: Advice to the Young

Patti Smith has been a personal hero of mine since I read Just Kids back in 2010 (or was that 2011?). Before then, I just knew her as a rock singer of the seventies and that she wrote Because the Night. Other than that, I knew nothing. Then I read Just Kids and I was absolutely floored. I felt like she was talking to me directly, that she was telling me her story to me personally, because she knew that it would stir something inside me. After reading that book, I was walking in a daze and then I got back into my poetry. I started writing poems again and I found a certain confidence in my writing that I never had before. Patti Smith gave that to me and she doesn’t even know who I am.

I found her songs and began listening to her music and I fell in love with it. I had context now and I discovered why she is called “The Godmother of Rock.” She really is.

A friend shared this link with me and I watched it and I love it. It’s so her. It’s how I imagined she would be. And she’s just as eloquent and as honest and, like her memoir, she hits the gut.

I love her.

I hope this hits you the way it hit me. It’s wise words from a very wise woman. And read Just Kids if you like good writing. It’s fantastic writing with fantastic insights into a life well lived.

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