it’s a wrap

And just like that, it’s over.

"It's a wrap!"Sonata wraps up and everyone involved gather for hugs and to take pictures

“It’s a wrap!”
Sonata wraps up and everyone involved gather for hugs and to take pictures

Eight days of non-stop shooting and principal photography is done. Everyone worked late hours, pushed themselves through extreme conditions, worked their asses off in the scorching summer heat to put this movie together and just like that, with three words, it ended. It’s a wrap!

I couldn’t imagine what everybody must have been feeling. I just started crying. I feel so emotionally invested in this film. This is my first time to really undergo the whole process of creating a film. Knowing that we have finished principal photography, only a handful of people will be heading off to the next stage of the work — post-production. Everyone else packs up, goes home, rests, and then prepares for the next project.

But the emotional resonances of the moment; that feeling already ended for me once I submitted the final script and they were printing it out to send to the actors and to the production staff in preparation for the shoot. I came to the set to work on any last minute changes, but basically, my job was done.

During those eight days, I went home for three days and didn’t stay at the location because my body could not stand the particular living condition. I couldn’t get through the late night and early wake up calls. I could feel my body giving up on me. The heat was enervating. I used to have the constitution for it. Now, no more. Or I haven’t raised it back to that level again.

But the actors, the staff that were there everyday for eight days, trucking away like the professionals that they were and making magic from the moment they woke up until the moment they closed their eyes to sleep — what is the feeling for them, I wonder? I was in tears because it was over and it was moving on to the next stage and this part of that amazing process was over. But what is it like for them? I was standing in the outside, occasionally stepping in when I was needed or if I had insight to share. But these people lived and breathed it from day one to day eight.

It must be what a break-up feels like.

And they go through this every project. I have only the uttermost respect for all the production people. I respected them and admired them since before, but now, having a taste of that, it has increased exponentially.

I’m not worthy.

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