Oh, and all the ways you get me to shatter!
My brittle bones crack under the pressure of all the little misfortunes
You throw my way that add to a weight
That brings me to my knees.

It’s so much easier now for you to shove my face down into the dirt.
You kick me in my belly, the back of my head, my thigh.
You pull my hair and spit in my eye.
The tears stream down my cheek and I withhold my cry.

Do you hate my laughter so much that you move the earth
And make the seas dance and the rain fall harder than before?
Do you envy my persistence and my dreams that you make
The winds howl and people get sick? Machines breaking down?

You squeeze the love out of me, the love of living out of me
And my soul is the colour of bruise, singing the songs of gasps and sighs.
I submit to your suffering and memorize the anguish.
Tormented. Distorted. Unraveled. Broken.

Oh universe, how you humble me!


(November 2, 2009)

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