A Scriptwriter

I’m home. I’m in Bacolod for a couple of weeks. It’s strange to be home again only because, this time, I’m here to work.

I had said before that I couldn’t work here in Bacolod. There’s just no demand for the kind of writing I do here. And even with the Internet, being Manila-centric, it is kind of hard for me to work in Manila from here. I have to be able to attend meetings and I have to be able to interview people and, when it comes to movies, I have to be able to watch them when they come out and not all movies come out at the same time in Bacolod.

I’ve said that before.

But now I’m here, for work. We are shooting a film that I wrote and my Dad (who is directing the film) wanted me around. I had submitted the final script early March but every little step of the way, from script readings to production meetings, there have been little changes here and there and my Dad wanted me present during the shooting just in case things change during filming.

My Dad is a very organic director. He takes in all the artistic contributions from each person and makes them shine in the role that they are to do in the film — whether they are an actor or a utility man — and then takes the best parts of what they can offer and put it in the film. So, naturally, things change while filming. A scene, with really good actors, can change during filming that adjustments have to be made if these alterations affect the rest of the script. Usually, by this time, the director and his team can handle this part from hereon. But my Dad wanted me to be here. He told me yesterday that he values my contributions and my insights. He wants me to be on-hand to offer my views on the scene work and to help make the film as great as it can be.

Sonata, that’s the title of the film, has become a very personal project for a lot of the people working on it. For a lot of us, this is the project we want to do. For others, it is our first real movie. I fall under both categories.

Today is the very first shooting day.

Today, I am officially a scriptwriter.

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