Stairway to Heaven and Mother

I was never a huge fan of this song. I liked it, but it was never something I would go out of my way to listen to again. I understood how important Led Zeppelin is to rock music, or to music in general, but it was never my thing. Embarrassingly enough, I liked the cover versions and the songs that sampled their work but unlike Fleetwood Mac or David Bowie (who I think came from the same era, but not exactly the same genre), I just couldn’t get into Led Zeppelin.

Then my sister told me to find this version for her. She saw it on television or something and I like Heart and I found it and sent it to her. I even bought the song from iTunes for her when I saw that it was available. It was great. It was a great version, really. Loved the vocals, love the guitars, and I especially love the full orchestra and the choir. Awesome. Epic. It was really good.

But I thought, it’s Stairway to Heaven, not really my thing.

Then, hanging out at my brother’s place, I played it for him because I knew he would appreciate it and listening to it with his huge, bad-ass speakers, I heard it. I heard it. It hit me hard and I heard how great this song is and how great this version is. Ann  Wilson can sing the shit out of any song, that’s for sure, and she sang the shit out of this song. She knocked it out of the ball park, really.

And now I had to get the song for myself because, well, it’s epic. It’s really epic. It’s funny because I only started to listen to Pink Floyd now. I have the album The Wall: Live in Berlin of Roger Waters and I really got it for Sinead O’Connor singing Mother but as I heard the whole thing from beginning to end, I realised I didn’t know Pink Floyd as much as I thought I did and listening to the live version of The Wall, I realised how good it was, both musically and lyrically. The live album is spectacular. It is stellar. It’s amazing.

I’m a huge fan of Sinead O’Connor, both as a singer and as a songwriter, and she knocked this one out of the ballpark as well.

While so many people are eagerly awaiting the new album of Phoenix and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Black Stripes, or whoever, I’m going back to classic rock. Well, David Bowie has a new album and it’s damned good. He hasn’t lost his touch. The songs are brilliant and I had pre-ordered the album on iTunes after only hearing one song. I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed. The songs in there are stellar. They are so good.

I hate to say this and sound like an old guy but they don’t make music like that anymore.

It’s awesome.

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