off radar

I was gone for a while. I went to my brother’s house Thursday night and I ended up coming home today, Monday afternoon. No deadlines. No stress. No responsibilities. I took care of my nephew and my niece and brought them to watch a movie, The Croods (I loved it), and then I watched Dredd again with my brother (even better the second time around), and Wreck-it Ralph with my brother and his daughter (very surprised, liked it very much).

And then I played a shit load of Dragon’s Dogma. Over six hours of game play in a day. I played until morning and my head was spinning. Then I went to sleep and didn’t wake up until I woke up.

three days of non-stop gaming of Dragon's Dogma; now that's a vacation

three days of non-stop gaming of Dragon’s Dogma; now that’s a vacation

It was marvellous!

I should have come home earlier but I was enjoying myself too much. I don’t remember having had this much time to myself in a long time. At my brother’s house, I don’t have to clean my room or cook my meals. When they get back from work, we talk and hang out and I have these weird conversations with my nephew and nieces. It’s “weird” because the age gap between us is so huge. It gets a little getting used to on my part on how to converse with a nine year old.

But it was all worth it. I have to work double time now, to get everything in order, but that’s okay. I feel refreshed and recharged, and the truth of the matter, the work load is not time dependent. So I’m fine. I’m happy and I don’t have this dark cloud hanging over my head.

I can’t wait to start working again as well. To get my hands dirty with the other projects, the personal projects that are in the works. These are the ones that are really going to matter to me.

So, I have had my time to get lost and go off radar and now it’s time to get back into the action. But just for a day. Because I’ll probably disappear again for a few days when Holy Week hits and then, I’ll be flying off to Bacolod to be a part of the shooting of Sonata, the film I wrote which is finally getting produced.

My first film. It’s going to get done. I can’t fucking wait.



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