first free day in months

sleeping in for the first time, in what feels like, forever

sleeping in for the first time, in what feels like, forever

I went to sleep at four in the morning last night finishing revisions for one of my projects. It’s done. Submitted. While I wait for the corporate machinery to start turning and working, I’m off the hook for the meantime. Because of my body clock, I still woke up at nine in the morning and I got up to take my meds, and then went back to sleep.

I ended up waking at one in the afternoon. I took my bloody time to make breakfast/lunch and then got myself ready to make a quick trip to the bank to settle some accounts. And then, I remembered I had gift cards for The Spa and decided that it was time I gave myself a little treat.

I sent text messages to my brother, Datu, and his wife Kristi that I wanted to see them and hang out with them. It has been too long since we have hung out and for the first time since the year started, I find myself with time on my hands. No deadlines. No work pending. It’s just all about me. I plan to take full advantage of it.

There are a couple of side projects that I would like to do but I’ll save those for another time. Maybe on Saturday. The next two days is all about me and what I want to do. I don’t want to work. I’m going to lie in bed and read a book (haven’t opened one since I read that David Foster Wallace book my Dad lent me that I read in Caliraya two weeks ago). Kristi told me she wanted to go drinking tonight at her place and said I could sleep over. I want to take it because that means I could just stay at my brother’s house, play with his Playstation 3 (I haven’t played Dragon’s Dogma in a long time) and just vegetate.

I think I deserve some “me” time. I’ve been so stressed trying to get those scripts through. Deadline after deadline after deadline. Not fun.

I forgot what it meant to be fun and how to have fun and how to enjoy what I’m doing. It started to feel like work again and I remember what it was like, last year, when I was writing script after script and no of it felt like work. I was just having fun writing and creating and dreaming up of all these possibilities. It didn’t take a toll back then. I want to get that back.

Planning on playing baby-sitter to my nephew and niece. The Croods is opening tomorrow and I want to take them. I haven’t hung out with them and it’s summer and I feel like being the good uncle. I have to watch it anyway to write a review for Juice. I haven’t been doing as many film reviews lately since I’ve been so swamped with work. Writing reviews for Juice is not really work, for me, because I enjoy it. Even if I watch a really bad film. So that sounds like a lot of fun.

And then, when I get back to myself, I plan to take all these free time and make it real serious jump into some of my personal projects. I have a couple of stories that I want to turn into film scripts and there’s one project that I’ve been putting aside, a film for a friend, because there’s no money coming in yet, as of the moment. So I had the time to take it slow and at my pace. I now have the time. It’s time to do this.

And then, maybe, I’ll start putting my poems in order and see what I can do about getting a collection together.

I want to recharge fully. I want this so badly I can taste it.

I’m so happy to have my time to myself with nothing hanging over my head like deadlines. This is what I became a freelancer for.


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