found it!

Today, I found it. A lot of things that I’ve been looking for, I managed to find. I found the right WordPress theme that fits my idea for the site. It’s not exactly what I was going for, but it works for me. With my limited knowledge of the techie world, this is the best I can do with what I can find and tinker with and I’m happy with it. I think this will work out for me.

Cheers! (at the URBN grand launch with Poma, photo by Cez)

Cheers! (at the URBN grand launch with Poma, photo by Cez)

And then second, I woke up today and I feel great. I’ve been depressed. Trouble with work, trouble on the personal front, and I haven’t been dealing with it well. I guess you could tell with the infrequency of posts. I’ve been sulking. I’ve been acting like a spoiled brat and while a lot of my friends have told me that I had reason to feel bad, that doesn’t give me the right to act like a brat. I’m all grown up now and I shouldn’t result in pulling tantrums and sulking.

I’ve been going out a lot and taking my sweet time with my work projects. I’ve been hiding from friends and flaking on dinners and meet ups. I’ve been running back to games I used to play in my mid-twenties and, in a way, I regressed.

I was unhappy and I decided to play games, throw tantrums, and act like a 90s teen-ager. I don’t want to be that way. I don’t want to be that way.

Then I go to the URBN grand launch at the invite of my super good friend Cez, and two days before that I saw my good friend Bia, and then last night I was with my good friend Eunice, and then tonight, I’ll be with my super good friend Cat for her birthday and I am hitting myself in the head for having forgotten that these people are the reason why I am so happy the past few years. Why did I hide from them? Because I didn’t want them to see me depressed? Because I didn’t want to subject them to my negativity? What a dumb move?

That’s how bad it got.

But being around them and taking in all their good energy, I woke up today and things just went back into sync. I’m back. I feel ready. I feel ready to write again and I’m ready to take the bull by the fucking horns and wrestling the motherfucker down to the ground.

I’ve reintegrated. I got my shit together. Let’s do this.

Fuck the empire! Wanggo strikes back.

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