I Got Published!

The poems I have published on this site are really drafts. I need to see how they look “on the page” before I can see where I have to take them. I have to let them settle and by doing it here, for some reason, I can see it better than if it remained in my computer files or in a piece of paper, in a folder, in the shelf beside my bed.

My Dad is my only critic, really, whose comments mean a lot to me. I welcome all comments and criticism and I put them in a separate file and review them from time to time when I return to some of the poems to see if I truly feel that the poem is “finished.” I don’t want to say “finished” per se, and I prefer to say, when the poem is “ready.”

I became aware of Dagda Publishing through the Internet and I don’t remember the exact occurrence of how we began following each other in Twitter or when we started following each other’s blogs; but we have and I have been very impressed with their vision and their selection of poem and poets that they have been publishing in their site. After the third poem that they put out that I liked, I started going through my poems looking for the ones that are ready to submit for possible publication.

I submitted two and they published “The Garden.” You can find the link to its final published version here. This is a slightly different version from the one that was published on this site. I think the final version has a stronger beginning and the slight adjustments in the wording has made it stronger and more clear.

I’m so stoked. I really enjoy the poems released by Dagda Publishing and I’m so proud to have been published with them. I hope that this is the beginning for me.

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