I have to see this — Thale

Anyone who knows me knows I love horror films. I’m also a fantasy nut. I’m also into European folklore — screw that, I’m into all cultural folklore — and so while I was browsing through trailers on YouTube, I found this on the recommended sites on the site and was immediately drawn by the cover photo. A woman with a tail? No fucking way! So I clicked on it. This is what I saw:

Wow! I mean, really, wow! I am now looking for a copy with proper English subtitles and I’m watching this with my friend Eunice who loves horror films as much as I do. This is really my kind of shit. I’m stoked for having found this and I hope I actually do find a good copy because it looks amazing.

God knows it would never come here to the Philippines. We really need an art house cinema that can show foreign films, without cuts, and with proper subtitles, because there would be such a demand for it. One theatre is all we need, really, but it would always be full. Maybe two. There are so many sophisticated and cultured people who would go and watch these kinds of movies. I know, for a fact, I’m not the only one.

I wonder how much it would cost? Maybe, if I make, like, a gazillion pesos, I could put it up. But, that’s like asking for a pony or something. But hey! I can dream big, right?

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