seeing Stars on February

2013 has just begun but I am already getting things marked in my calendar. Flying to Iloilo on the 8th of January to give a talk on living with HIV to some nursing students and then, the next day, will be taking the ferry back to Bacolod to hang out with my mom. My friend Jo and I are planning a trip to Laos on April. I want to go tubing in Vang Vien. My friends — Tals, Audrey, and Paolo — were planning this trip back in 2008 but never got around to doing it. Our schedules just never got us all ready and available to make the trip. I’m saving up for that.

But on February 16, I am going to see Stars. The band responsible for one of the most intelligent songs ever written about old relationships, Your Ex-Lover Is Dead, will be in Manila and I already bought my ticket. I’m so stoked. I love a whole bunch of their songs and I want to be thrown into blissful eargasms. I’m going to watch Stars live. I am so fucking excited, I can barely contain myself.

got my ticket, time to be an Ageless Beauty

got my ticket, time to be an Ageless Beauty

I heard, as a band, they are awesome live and this is just super exciting for me because I find their melodies complex and their lyrics even more engaging. I really can’t wait.

I don’t want to raise my expectations too high, though, because I was sort of disappointed with Sigur Ros in Fort Canning in Singapore. That’s a concert review I have yet to write and one of the backlog of my list of “things to do” in 2012. I will get around to it. It just wasn’t what I was expecting. I hope us Filipinos bring it on February 16 and show Stars how much of a great audience we are so that they will be inclined to come back and that more artists will come.

How awesome would it be if Bjork or Charlotte Martin or Florence + the Machine would come? That would just be stellar. To watch those bands in Manila? That would be everything.

So 2013 is starting to shape up already and it has just begun. Hello, 2013, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Wanggo. Let’s be friends, okay? Thanks for Stars.

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