no, you do not know

all you have are my words


but you do not know how my skin

has ruptured in anticipation,

every expectation, like a razor,

forms red rivers that snake across my body

from my temple to my ankles

leaving a trail of blood

back through time

to that very first moment


you do not know how i carried the moon

for eight days across the desert

and how my skin cracked from the heat

and how the weight of it crushed my bones


you do not know my attempts at flight,

at defying gravity and how i tried to reach

the stars and the sun,

at how i have wanted to bathe in their fiery embrace

until i was nothing but ash

scattering through the universe


no,  you do not know


all you know are my words

and all i know are yours


i do not know how you’ve bled

and how much you’ve carried

and what you’ve tried to do


no, we do not know

we do not know anything about each other

all we have are words



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