HIV/AIDS Infections: Still Alarming (Manila Standard Today)

Here is a very good article from Manila Standard Today. Written by Bong Austero, he does an exacting break down of our faults on why there is a rise of HIV infections in the country. The article, HIV/AIDS Infections: Still Alarming makes some very precise cuts into whatever justifications we may have as to why the situation is as bad as it is.

We can sugarcoat and justify all we want but there is just no denying the stark naked truth: We have failed dismally in preventing HIV/AIDS infections in the country.  We are one of the very few countries in the world where HIV infections continue to rise; most countries have already gotten the spread of the virus under control.  What is tragic is that we used to be the envy of everyone else in this area.  While our neighbors were experiencing algebraic growth in their infection rates, ours was moving at turtle pace.

Again, it’s problems with certain senators and congressmen who are acting as the puppy dogs of the Catholic church and stopping us from moving on to a more modern and scientific age.

I have tried my best to be very courteous int his whole debacle. I tried to respect people’s opinions and their beliefs but it has reached an alarming rate and, really, the ignorance is killing people. They are spreading lies about the effectivity of condom use and they keep saying stupid things, like, “condom use will only promote promiscuity.”

Look at the world today. They already are! People already are promiscuous. They’d rather pray than face this problem head on. I’m losing my temper and my patience and the will to be polite.

Another article, this time from Business Inquirer, covered the same event. Their article, HIV victim dismayed cases up despite own story by Maila Ager, runs down what happened at the HIV forum I attended the other day.

For one, I’m not a big fan of calling me a “victim.” I am hardly a victim. I was an idiot but I wasn’t and never will be a victim. I’m dealing with it. But that’s a personal caveat.

What bothers me about this article is that, if you read the comment section below, we have evidence of the kind of ignorance and apathy that still haunts the issue. On the comments section, someone said: “more condom, more sex, more HIV cases. Very simple.”

I don’t understand the logic, really. People are having sex right now. Like, a lot of it. They think that if they make condoms more readily available, people would be more inclined to have sex? As opposed to how it is now?

Where is this blindness coming from? I really don’t get it.

Sometimes I wonder if I should even bother. Some people don’t even want to be saved. Some times I find myself asking myself if everyone is worth saving. These are thoughts that don’t stay too long, thankfully. It’s tough, this advocacy. It isn’t merely one of informing the population — you are trying to ask them to change what they believe in and to change and shift how they live their lives.

I don’t even believe it is anybody’s responsibility to do it. We are only responsible for ourselves. But children are getting hurt, children are being born with this sickness and it’s not fair. Not to them.

These are questions and dilemmas that I deal with, especially now during the World AIDS Day (week) and I just have to get through the month and then I’ll be okay.

Once this week is over, I can go back to my old ways and post poems and Christmas celebration stuff. I can talk about family and travels and the things that I watch and the things that I’ve seen.

But right now, while the iron is hot, I’m striking it. Shaping it. Hopefully, 2013 will be better.

The rate is alarming. I have to keep soldiering on.

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