and Mercury goes direct

what I usually look like during Mercury in Retrograde.

Do you believe in Mercury in Retrograde? Because I do. I can’t  help it; I see it happen and I see it working and I see its effects on the world. The short of it, when the planet Mercury goes retrograde, all forms of machinery, communication, and forward motion just stops in place. There will be a period of breaking down and miscommunication. These are all under the province of the quickly revolving planet Mercury. It lasts for two weeks and then it goes direct again afterwards and this happens thrice a year; though sometimes it can happen four times a year like it did in 2011.

Google some more if you are interested. But I have always noticed the shift of things during Mercury n Retrograde. I’m an astrology freak because it can be applied to my life. I know that there are a lot of people who are unaffected by the cosmic forces; but I in its sway. I am textbook Piscean, through-and-through and when I read horoscopes and astrological charts about Psiceans, it relates strongly to my life. I can’t escape from it.

From November 6 to November 26, Mercury went into its final retrograde of the year, and my online astrologer — Susan Miller of Astrologyzone — had stated that I would coast through this one particularly easily. She’s really good, if you are the type to be affected by the universal forces. She’s usually right in her assessment of the stars with me (maybe a few days off from time to time) and she said that despite Mercury being in retrograde and everything stopping in its tracks, other planetary forces will keep bringing me more and more opportunities. And it’s true. That’s what happened.

But I didn’t sail through, like she said. The offers kept coming in, work kept coming in and I was thankful for it, but for two weeks, I was having trouble with the Internet connection at home and I was getting text messages late, and I was having difficulty communicating with some people. It was torture. It was frustrating.

I had deliverables, for work already done, but the money kept getting delayed. It was a royal mess.

Then Mercury went direct again on November 26 and everything just worked. Non-stop Internet connectivity, things started to come on time, and my life just suddenly got so much better and easier. Just like Susan Miller said. November 26 was a good day. I was on my feet from 6am until 5pm and within that span of time, I was in a press forum for HIV, I might have landed a new job, and got paid. I almost exhausted myself to the point that  I had vomited sometime during lunch, but it was because I skipped lunch.

I canceled my evening appointments, went home to faint. There, I saw my Dad and we talked and we managed to get some stuff out of the way. There were things on our mind and we needed each other to help process what we were feeling. And then, when I was about to rest, I got news that another movie proposal, one that I had worked on, got a green light. I’m doing another movie.

All of this on the day Mercury went direct again. It was amazing. I was so giddy, am still so giddy after such a tiring day and a frustrating difficult two weeks.

Today, I woke up, got caught up with personal stuff, and then I got that out of the way I began working. I had finished work and in the process of finishing more.

I’m like a machine right now. The energy is there and it is strong and it is flowing and I feel invincible as of this moment. Things that are thrown at me, I manage to deflect.

By tonight, I’ll have finished three more articles and I’ll be able to leave for Baguio tomorrow without fear of work hanging in the air here at home. I’ll have a few days of solitude, up in the mountains, away from the maddening crowd, to judge a poetry slam and to write.

at Mine’s View Park in Baguio, 2009

I have a writing project that I want to really throw myself into and being in Baguio, away from everything, is the perfect place for me to really grab the bull by the horns and wrestle that motherfucker down and win. Not that you should grab a bull by the horns and wrestle it down. That’s not good. And not very wise.

But you know what I mean. This is going to be an amazing trip and I’m good enjoy really fresh vegetables (Baguio mushrooms!), fresh air, solitude, and the company of good friends that I don’t see often. I’ll have an evening where I will be surrounded by poetry and I’ll be in my little room the rest of the time writing; writing something I want to write, I feel passionate about.

Truth be told, the cold is the only thing I’m afraid of right now; and I heard it’s very, very cold right now but even that will be a welcome change. A small price to pay for an amazing opportunity.

Life is so good right now, it’s unbelievable. I am hoping to write more poetry while I’m up there. Life is good right now.

I am thankful. I will always be thankful.


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