it’s finally over

I hope that is the end of it. Honestly, I cannot imagine how it could have gotten so big in the first place. Everything about it was just so wrong. On the book side, the writing was pedestrian. It was terrible. Not fair for me to say, I never read the book, but my friend did and she read me excerpts. We were both laughing and laughing at it. It was so bad.

Fine, that’s mean. It’s just not for me.

what are they running towards, I have no idea. I just hope they don’t come back

No, who am I kidding? I think it’s bad. See? It’s been three paragraphs and I can’t even say the name. Twilight. God. Twilight. See? It’s that bad. It’s that painful.

I wrote about it here: An exercise in wish fulfillment.

I’m just glad it’s over. I had to watch each one because of work. The first few was because it was research. I was writing for all these teen and youth publications and I had to understand why it was such a hit. Hated every moment of it. And I needed to know what was in or trending to be able to refer to it, if I needed the reference. Now that I’m writing for Juice, I had to write a review. So, I had to watch the last film.

I couldn’t stand it. People kept saying it was the best in the series, but honestly, that’s not saying much considering how bad the first four were in the first place.

First off, after hundreds of years of vampire mythology set in stone, someone had the nerve to write a vampire story with vampires that sparkled in the sun?! Really? What’s that about? That just annoys me to all hell.

And the fact that everyone was ooh-ing and aah-ing over the love story; considering that the characters are some of the most selfish people in love I have ever seen. It always had to be their way. It always had to be about what they wanted. And this is not what I want people to aspire to. It just drives me nuts that people found this romantic. I thought it was a bunch of spoiled brats who wanted everything and, through bad writing, they got everything they wanted and lived happily ever fucking after.

Oops! No, not just that. They lived happily ever fucking after forever. Fucking forever.

Everything was so easy. All hurdles overcome so quickly. And none of the characters changed. From the first movie to the final movie — they were all still exactly the same people. Sure, Bella was now a vampire, but she was none the wiser. Yes, she was more powerful, but did she learn anything? To treat her father better? To accept what is? No, she just barreled through everything she didn’t like and she got away with it. Scott free.

I can’t stand this escapist fantasy that is so convenient and comfortable. I’m sorry. I’m just the type who wants to be challenged and who wants to be brought to a deep place. And I like fluff. I love b-movies and light-hearted fare just like everyone else but b-movies and light-hearted fare don’t take themselves too seriously. This one does. If it didn’t, I didn’t notice. Maybe it’s because people just threw themselves at it and called it the second coming of Christ.

Ugh. I can’t even write a simple blog entry about how much I’m just glad it’s over. Instead, I go nuts and I start getting angry and frustrated. Shit. That’s bad. I’m done. I hope I never have to hear or see anything about this ever again.

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