waiting in the wings

I’ve been very lax in writing here lately. I’ve been too busy to have a life and to really think about things that I could write about. It has pretty much been just myself and my laptop. I’ve got so much work that there has been no time or place to sit down and contemplate about the world and life and, thus, no chance to really sit down and write an entry or a poem draft.

I’m thinking that it is all going to come at the tail end of November when I get back from Singapore and before I head off to Baguio. I think that’s when it is going to hit me. But right now, I feel sort of empty.

My quiet moments are filled with fantasies over a particular someone and it’s starting to get scary. It’s starting to run away with me and I’m starting to need it. I liked it because I had a handle on it and I was fine with the situation but now it’s starting to crawl under my skin to the point where I can’t reach it and then it lingers and festers.

I got to get these articles out of the way and then finish the new script I’m working on and then I’ll have a chance to just stabilize. So if I’ve been quiet as of late, you know why.

There’s a lot of things that are going to happen in the near future. They are all waiting in the wings and they are all just waiting for the right timing to pop up, to take to the stage.

I will be lax for a bit and will probably not write here again until I get my act together. Bear with me, please. I’m bracing myself for a big one.

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