Dead Body

So you killed a man

Well, somebody is just some body
Lying in a ditch somewhere
And you really can’t afford this mess

Everyone’s watching you
Everyone’s waiting for your next big mistake
Let me deal with this

Put your tattoos on me,
And cut my hair just like yours
And give me your old worn out jacket
And your fancy rubber shoes
I would know how to be you

I know how you speak and what you say
They wouldn’t know the difference, anyway
You can’t be me but you can be somebody else
Some body, in some other place
And I’ll take the heat for you
Because wasn’t I just another boy of the summer?

And oh the rains have come
And oh the lightning flashes and oh the thunder sounds
And here comes the flood
Washing away the evidence
Washing down the street
Bringing the fallen leaves and the trash
The plastic bags and the filth and grime of this city,
Washing away all your preconceived notions and bitterness
Washing away your disheartened heart
And your dead end signs
I’ve got you covered in this deluge

Get on a raft and paddle out
Go somewhere safe and where it is nice and cold
And start from scratch and break the mold
That they’ve made for you
I’ll be you, and make sure the body
Doesn’t rise to the surface
Feed it to the fish and the sharks and the whale
And if they still manage to pin it on you
They’ll be getting me instead

They’ll never catch you while I’m around

All the dead bodies, and all the whispered lies,
The empty promises and the debts not paid
All the expectations and the unclaimed prize
And all the mistakes you’ve ever made

I have a place for all of them in my pocket
And you’ll never know it’s there
And I will keep it hidden, I’ll bury it somewhere
Because that’s what I do

You know exactly what I can do
I am the darkness to your thief in the night
Your steed, your sword and your lance
To your black knight
And I’ll be the religion to your faith

So go ahead, kill another
I mean it when I say I got your back


(September 8, 2009)



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