And so they say there must be fire,

Or something just as sinister.

Whatever removes the darkness, even if

It burns the house down.

Whatever is inside, as they say, you cannot

Take with you to heaven, anyway,

So what’s the use of saving anything

From the fury of the flames?


You do what you have to do

In order to fix what is wrong.

And you can be deaf to the cries

Of the children left burning inside;

You can be blind to the shadows

Dancing in the moonlight and the fiery haze;

Soft whispers of atonement is all we crave

As long as the fire keeps burning

And the darkness behaves.


There are no innocents here. No more

Pure hearts or virgins, only scars

And the battle-weary and the bruises

And the dreams filled with dark visions

Of all that is needed to be done

To fight our dark yet holy war.


We make the sign of the cross

We say our prayers

And tomorrow we burn the darkness away

Again and again and again.


(February 28, 2011)

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