film writing

I’m so happy to be working for Juice. I really end up having to get in touch with what I love about films but at the same time, since I’m writing for others, I understand that not everyone has the same value systems as I do. So it’s a great exercise in writing outside of myself and to try and understand film language on a more universal term and basis. At the same time, if I write on a personal level, I end up talking about myself in relation to movies. It’s quite fun and a very exciting exercise in defining my voice.

I have a few new articles out on Juice that I am quite happy with. I’ve written a review for Taken 2, which I’m quite surprised was just as enjoyable as the first film. Then I did an article in preparation for The Impossible, whose trailer was so good. In this article called Disaster Movies: When Nature Strikes Back, I take a look at some high profile films that Hollywood has done before and what I thought about them.

It’s great fun to be able to write about movies, while I am also trying to write movies. It keeps me honest and it keeps reminding me on how to look at film. It’s a good place to be, really. I couldn’t have been more fortunate than where I am right now.

I’m very grateful, indeed.

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