the cruelest of months of 2012

August ad September were particularly difficult this year. And not just for me, it seems, but for a whole lot of people. A lot of people around me were going through some tough shit and if you believe in astrology, there was a reason behind all of it. I’m a firm believer of astrology, only because I’m a textbook Pisces and what all the books say about being Piscean is me to a tee. It is not that way for everybody, I know, but it is for me. If you are a believer in astrology and the way the stars alignments affect you, I really suggest you get into Astrologyzone, because Susan Miller is a prophet.

But the moment October hit, everything started to come together. New opportunities made themselves available and this massive weight seems to have lifted. Things got better. Things got easier. August and ¬†September were very trying months and I’m glad they are over.

The rains still fall but they no longer pummel the Earth, they are washing away the bad energy.

Home is where the heart is. (I just found this on the Internet. It’s so cute)

I’m home in Bacolod for a few days. My cousin is getting married and then I’m staying a little longer to do some research for a film I’m writing and to get away from Manila for awhile. Maybe I can get some gardening done and get some real rest. It’s great to be with my Mom. I miss her dearly.

I think I’m going to come home to Bacolod more often than I originally planned. Manila is where I thrive but it has a way to eat away at me. Here, I can just be and I don’t have to struggle to get through moments. I found a sort of peace here and a calmness that I can’t seem to get in Manila.

It’s probably going to come into some fiction or essay I will eventually write. It’s something I’d like to pursue and study for the future.

But that’s later. Now, I’m just happy to be here.


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