Forbes: The Philippines Passes a Cybercrime Prevention Act that Makes SOPA Look Reasonable

From The Philippine Passes a Cybercrime Prevention Act that Makes the SOPA Look Reasonable by Paul Tassi.

I found this on the web. I might be able to go to jail for putting this in my blog.

I’m not very political. You can tell. When I talk about political issues, I can only skirt the surface and discuss my personal issues with it, based on the very limited understanding. I was trying so hard to be an artistic, creative person most of my youth that I left politics to the newspaper and my parents and the people who were barely equipped to deal with it. I had no propensity for it.

I vote, though. The moment I was of age, I would vote. In the earlier years, I would ask my Dad and my uncles and aunts whose politics I trusted and asked them who they were voting for and aligned myself to them. As I got older, I included friends and colleagues in my inquiries. Later on, months before election, I would save newspapers and read them again on the week of voting and see where people stood and tried to form my own opinions about things and comparing them with the suggestions of family and friends.

It was a slow process but I got there.
But while I voted, I stayed away pretty much from politics and kept to the things that interested me — mostly film, television, writing, and pop culture.

Then, one day, I was probably twenty-seven or twenty-eight, I started reading the newspaper and I started getting more and more invested in what happens in the country. In 2008, I discovered I was HIV positive and three months later became an advocate for HIV awareness and prevention int he country. No question: I had to catch up. Everything is interconnected. Poetry teaches you that. Everything is connected to each other. What happens in one issue affects another issue, even if they aren’t related.

So while I’m playing catch up, I allow myself a moment to say what I feel about certain issues I read about. But I can only gloss the surface. I can only talk about the little I’ve read and the little I know. And then there are articles like the one in Forbes (see above link) that makes everything so clear, and more, relates it to events and issues that are happening around the world.

I’m a latecomer to the party. I’m not as active as I’d like to be. But I’m getting there.

I’m getting there.

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