street corner

At some point, you passed me by.

I was standing at the corner, iPod at full volume,

under a street lamp, trying to stay

in the light.

Wrapped in my jacket, I tried

to keep warm because the night

can be so cold.

I tried to look tough and aware,

to keep away those who would

do me harm.

I tried but my life is not at all

like that corner.

In the middle of the street,

in the dark of night,

without protection from the cold,

deafened by the silence of the city

when it is still and static and unmoving,

doe-eyed and innocent

and inviting everyone to come

and break my heart.


They did, you know?


I tried and then I stopped trying.

And that’s exactly when you passed me by.



2 thoughts on “street corner

  1. i totally can relate with this. beautiful poem. i did all i could to get noticed and all the wrong people did and the one person i wished could have stopped and said, ‘would you like to catch a movie?” completely passed me by. And it hurts but i guess that is life.

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