Lucifer’s song

I was the brightest light of the heavens

and nothing matched my radiant glow,

my luminescent splendour.

I was the herald of the day

and spoke directly to God’s ears.


I flew across the universe on seven wings;

I was the embodiment of glory, creation, and love.

I did not cast shadows then.

My feet never touched the ground.

I was favoured, I was adored.

But no one envied me.


And while others can shine brighter,

the most dazzling star cannot intensify

its resplendence.


Perfection is its own limitation.


I was ignored, I was forgotten,

I was overlooked. Disregarded

in favour of the inferior ones —

dimly lit and barely shining,

struggling under the burden

of my greatness.


I was the brightest light of the heavens.

I flew across the heavens on seven wings.

But no one envied me.


And He heaped praises on them,

and offered His ear.

He gave them more wings.

He gave them gifts of fire

and songs to sing.

He championed their growth.


I was the pinnacle. I could grow

no higher, no larger, no brighter.


And so then I dimmed.

He who was to be envied, coveted.

And I raged. I howled. I blazed.

My voice became shrill,

my wings cast shadows that covered

the Earth in darkness

and I pointed my finger at creation

and demanded what was due.


Are you not the brightest, he asked me.

Are you not the morning star?

What more could you want or need?

How much more can I show you my love for you?


It was then that I fell.

Consumed by my own light, I was blinded

and cast myself out of paradise.

I hide from His offered hand

with which to take me back to the heavens.

I cover my body with dirt,

and mud, and lies, and anger,

and wickedness, and sorrow.


I cannot return home

while pride and shame

reside in my heart.



2 thoughts on “Lucifer’s song

  1. Interesting metaphor – is it the pain and obsession of Narcissus? A bit deeper perhaps. The young god lost in the crowd of Olympus. Nicely composed

    • Thank you so much for saying so. It’s not yet the final draft. I think it still needs to be refined a bit; it’s too verbose. It should be quicker, I think.

      But thank you for the comment.

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