rain love on Manila

My friend Cez designed T-shirts and a tote bags several years ago to help raise money for the people who suffered from Typhoon Ondoy. Ondoy was a difficult time for the country. Lots of people lost everything, there were casualties. It was a tough time and one of the few things I can truly be happy about is how everyone came together to help out. I didn’t go to the office for a whole week, instead spending most of my time at Angel Brigade at the Fort packing relief goods. I was there from the moment I woke up until I was too tired to think. I was surrounded by wonderful and amazing people who also dropped their lives to help those who suffered because of the onslaught of the massive typhoon and monsoon rains that Ondoy brought. Others couldn’t drop what they were doing but came after working hours to help.

When it rains, it pours. Let’s rain love while nature rages.

If there’s anything that we are, as a nation, it is resilient. And for many, we are generous and compassionate. I watch my Twitter feed, filled with my friends who go nuts over their favorite TV shows and movies. They talk about fashion and food and everything that makes them happy or sad. But this new monsoon that has entered the country and they’ve changed totally. They coordinate relief efforts and re-tweet vital information to help people. Their lives have changed dramatically in efforts to to make a difference.

Some of these people are leaving for a different country, to learn, to forge a new life. Some of them are leaving in just a few weeks and yet their whole mind and all their effort is towards helping others. This is why they are my friends. Regardless of their fun-loving nature, and maybe even their carefree attitudes and fun-loving excesses, their hearts are always in the right place. When the need is apparent, they take themselves out of themselves and are there for everybody else. Everyone who needs them.

This is why I can never give up on the human race, no matter how often I lose sight of the purpose of humanity when I read about all the horrible things we do to each other on a daily basis, on a global scale.

It’s raining hard right now but the sun is shining in the hearts of so many people. So many. The light we are looking for is found inside the people around us that makes this world worth living in and living for.

I wish I could go and be at a relief center and once again do what I did several years ago during the Ondoy relief operations but my doctors say that I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t brave this weather and I might be putting myself in more danger, exposing myself to sickness. I’ll find a different way of helping.

This is why I love being a human being.

Postscript (March 10, 2014):

I just found out (see comments section below) that I may have been mistaken with all the details. My friend Cez helped promote the campaign but Rain Love on Manila was made possible by Deb Flores. The identity and the campaign is all hers.

2 thoughts on “rain love on Manila

  1. Hi Wanggo, this is Deb Flores. I’m a friend of Cez Golez and was responsible for designing the Rain Love on Manila identity and campaign. She along with other officemates and friends helped promote this campaign. I’m happy to have stumbled upon your article, but wanted to point out the minor oversight. Thanks for supporting us!

    • Hi Deb!

      Thanks for the clarification. I’ll edit the post and fix it. Thank you. Cez just told me to blog about the bags and I took it for granted she designed it. 🙂

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