The Dark Knight (almost) Rises

I really wanted to love this film. I really did. But I couldn’t. It was a totally different movie altogether. When taking into account the previous two installments, the finale, I feel, should somehow match the first two. It’s a trilogy. If they were triplets, two brothers look alike and the other is a girl, who has the same features, can pass as a sibling, but is definitely not a twin (and not of the same gender either).

Which of the two is hotter? You can’t tell either… I figured.

Not that I’m saying the The Dark Knight Rises is girly and the other two manly. Don’t over read into my analogy. It was a bad analogy. I just wanted to give a good example of how each film should resemble each other, somehow, and the third didn’t at all.

My review for can be found here: The Dark Knight (almost) Rises and I feel bad for having to write it. You all know how much I love Christian Bale. I have loved each of the Batman films and all of the Christopher Nolan films that I’ve seen. I think Anne Hathaway was unbelievable and has the potential to really break out. Maybe people will stop hating on her because she’s, like, perfect.

The movie is fun. It’s worth the price of admission and you should watch it in IMAX because it was shot for that kind of screen and the cinematography is great. It’s immense. I just don’t think that, story-wise, it was on par with the first two films. If you enter the theater/cinema without any expectations and can surrender yourself to exactly what the film offers, you will have fun. I didn’t. I walked in thinking I was going to get a bigger and badder The Dark Knight and instead I got The Dark Knight Avengers. I thought The Avengers had more heart and hit me more personally than this one did.

I really felt alone. I watched the film with my friend Bia and we were surrounded by the other people at the theater, all of them cheering and applauding and saying it was really good. We didn’t understand. I felt really alone. I started scouring the Internet to find out that several people thought the same as I did. One or two people on Twitter (that I follow) agreed with me. So that’s good, at least. I don’t feel like I was the only one in the world who didn’t get it.

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