body, mind, and spirit

Yoga for Life. Beginning the session in a neutral state

I heard that there was going to be a Candlelight Memorial service last May in the Quezon City Circle, so I went to pay my respects. The Candlelight Memorial is for all the people who have died from complications due to HIV and AIDS. I didn’t attend so many because I wasn’t ready for it. But I’ve accepted. All part and parcel of the process. I had to go.

To my dismay, it was sponsored and put together by Yoga for Life and they were going to do a free yoga session and I didn’t come prepared. Oy vey! I wasn’t comfortable, either, doing yoga in public. And so, for the better part of the ceremony, I was watching other people do yoga and had to leave before the actual Candlelight Ceremony happened. I felt kinda dumb. It was a spontaneous thing and I only heard about it the day before so I didn’t come prepared. Didn’t do my research. Dumb, I know.

But I was watching the people do the asanas and the poses and I thought to myself, “I’m here in Manila, I should really get into that.” Yoga has this amazing ability to be meditative, and brings about harmony in ourselves (when done correctly) and it is an amazing stretching exercise. Find the right kind of yoga for you (there are many kinds) and join a class. This is especially good for people who are HIV positive because not only does it work towards getting healthy and fit, but it also deals with your emotional, spiritual, and mental faculties. It calms the mind, it calms the spirit. Give in properly to the whole process. I’m sure you will find it healing.

I’ve been invited to join Yoga for Life and could never, being in Bacolod. But now that I’m here in Manila, I should try it out. I already bought the appropriate clothes to do yoga in, I got excited. I’m super busy right now so I haven’t been able to go but I’m ready. Once I find myself with a free schedule, I’m off and I’m going to try it out.

If you want more information on Yoga for Life, check out their Facebook page here. They are the nicest people and they really know what they are doing. They have several classes in different parts of the city so you can find the schedule that’s good for you. Maybe, when my work schedule starts to get easier, we might even see each other in one session.

Reach for the sky

I tried yoga once but I was just one month out of the hospital. I wasn’t ready to do a whole set of poses and I had to beg out after the first thirty minutes. But I loved it. I loved every minute of it. I think we were doing something called Hatha yoga which is smoother and more relaxed than the other styles of yoga. My joke, to my mom, was, “We Hatha get ourselves fit, mom!” She laughed. That’s why I love my mom. I don’t know what they do at Yoga for Life but it looked simple and easy to do. I think they focus a lot on the meditation and the calming of the spirit. So don’t ever think that you can’t do it. Take your time with it. It gets easier after trying.

So check it out.


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