In today’s Youngstar

I’ve been contributing to magazines and newspaper since the year 2000. It was a good way of making money and a chance to exercise my writing skills. At the time, I was still hoping to be a novelist and that was the goal. I didn’t realise that non-fiction was going to be my forte and that it was going to sustain me for most of my writing career.

I contributed to magazines more, not knowing how to apply as a contributing writer to the newspaper’s lifestyle pages until I met the right people and got a chance. Thankfully, the time I spent working in magazines gave me a strong enough portfolio to be given a chance.

I like writing for newspapers because I reach a broader market. I think my work in magazines had been better but newspapers have a wider circulation and are read by everyone. And that’s why we write: because we want to be read.

I feel very lucky to be writing for Youngstar. With an amazing editorial board, my past few articles, I feel, finally got my voice out. I always had trouble with my voice when writing articles. But assignment after assignment, I feel like I’m finally getting there.

Today’s Youngstar is their second installment to their “How to” issue with various ways of showing you, well, how to do things. And I wrote about coming out. I feel really close to this because I still have issues about being gay, obviously. But here was a chance for me to try and help others come to terms with themselves based on what I know. Hopefully it makes a difference to someone. It’s one of the more meaningful articles I’ve written — especially with my current Zachary Quinto obsession (of course, he’s mentioned in the article) and my fight against HIV.

I hope you like it.

The article can be found in the Youngstar website and you can find my article here.


2 thoughts on “In today’s Youngstar

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. Your article is very honest, and I think it is both important and significant. And I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying the non-fiction writing!

    “And that’s why we write: because we want to be read.” This is such a true line!

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